Hi, It’s Me – B. Jabbear!

B. Jabbear is Haiku – Brain

Left handed – not a genius.

Right & left brain lobes are my sources to creativity.

I am an author, blogger, builder, homesteader, manager, photographer & poet .

Urban-homesteader and blogger at www.homesteadingdownsized.com.

Find my book series – Baby Steps to Life’s Independence at amazon.com by searching – B. Jabbear.

As a retail manager I am accountable for developing teams and beating daily numbers.

This is why I Haiku. 

For me, it is a  creative balance to my other side. Simple but complex, haiku is an art forof word play. It anchors me in the moment and is my daily meditation.

 HAIKU-BRAIN – shared  daily – my mind, in haiku, to you. Join our tribe – Haiku Brain.com

Open to experiences, trial and error …. and living in the moments. 

Keeping it fun – Catch me if you can!

Our tribe welcomes you.

– B . Jabbear