Haiku- Brain #233

Finding Normal *

What’s “normal” today?

Many things have changed this year.

Prepare for next year

  • Jabbear (picture & haiku)

*  Besides haiku – I share homesteading and survival skills that are proven to work on a smaller scale. Our homestead is a small, suburban,1/ 4 acre lot in Castle Rock, Colorado. Follow my journey, taking baby steps together, towards a healthier, independent and sustainable lifestyle at www.homesteadingdownsized.com

Find my latest e-book edition “Homesteading Downsized: Baby Steps to Life’s Independence Volume 3” at amazon.com.

This edition includes a “click and go” glossary with links to all Sixty published – Baby Steps – from all three volumes in this series. This e-book makes a great resource tool for living a more independent lifestyle.


            Thank you and enjoy – B. Jabbear

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