Haiku – Brain 50

Good Neighbors

What are good neighbors?
People ready to assist.
Be a good neighbor!

CELEBRATING TODAY  – My 50th daily haiku created by me and shared to the World.

I am grateful for the ability to share and thankful to those who appreciate.

– B. Jabbear

I created this image (nearly 20 years ago) for my logo for my first website – The GOOD NEIGHBORS CHANNEL .com.

The GOOD NEIGHBORS CHANNEL had its start eighteen years ago during the early years of the internet.

The GOOD NEIGHBORS CHANNEL was a community of World-wide individuals sharing their thoughts and feelings with their World-wide neighbors.

An internet platform (pre – social media era) that gave strangers the opportunity to share with each other and become good neighbors.

The premise  – Be a good neighbor!

– B. Jabbear (image & poem)
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